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"Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army."                                                                       Edward Everett

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I tutor to rectify the problem of time.  Today, in the crowded classrooms, there is simply not enough time for the “one on one attention” the teacher needs to help a child who is struggling.

Everyday I see kids missing the basics of Reading, Writing and Math.  Because they are behind, they are frustrated.  Without help, these children are often the ones “acting out.”  In reality, they are seeking the attention they need - not the label they are given.

It’s not always the schools fault, nor is it the teachers fault, and definitely, it is not the child’s fault.  It is the fault of time.  There is simply not enough of it.  As a result, your child suffers.

A child who struggles in reading or math needs "personalized" help in the form of tutoring.  They need an Individualized Tutoring Plan (ITP) that includes afterschool and summer tutoring programs.  With today’s budget cuts, schools do not have the resources to provide this individualized education.  You, the parent have to supply it and I am prepared to help.   

Schools are hiring teachers who can quickly “move” your elementary child through to the next grade under guidelines demanded of them, with the “no child left behind” mandates.  For the child who needs just a little more time, there is none.

I went into tutoring specifically to fix this problem.  My goal: End the frustration by helping parents give their child back the time they need to catch up. 

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